Web Hosting

Get amazing IO performance and instant page loads with our NVMe powered web hosting!

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Epyc Hybrid VPS

Affordable and powerful Hybrid VPS servers powered by AMD Epyc processors
Dedicated resources, utilize them 100% 24/7 without limitations!

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Environment Hosting

Host ANYTHING for a affordable price!

We support Node JS, Lua, .Net Core, .Net (Mono), Python, Java, Go Lang, Ruby, PHP, Crystal and Deno
Perfect for Discord Bots!

Need something different?
You can also host Redis 5/6, MongoDB, MariaDB and PostgreSQL as well as Gitea, Grafana, Hastebin and Prometheus!

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Game Hosting

Our Affordable Game Hosting provides you the best balance between price and performance.
Using Epyc 7282 and SSD storage, you'll have more than enough resources to start your own server!
Available in Germany and USA (Missouri)

You can host any of the over 50 provided games!

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Blesta Plugins

Custom in-house developed Blesta plugins, messengers and modules, enjoy!

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